Herefordshire Woodturners will continue to stage meetings and training sessions   unless  the Government or Public Health Authorities recommend otherwise.  

Many HWT members are in high risk groups for the infection due to age and/or other medical problems.     Also, we need to consider the clients of Headway and their employees and volunteers.

The personal responsibility of individual members is important in infection control and they are asked not to attend meetings if

                        –   they have  been in recent contact with anyone with the infection

                        – they have symptoms suggestive of infection (dry cough, fever, tiredness, breathing difficulties and muscle pain.)

                        – they consider themselves or close family members at especial risk from the infection.

Scrupulous attention to hand washing please.

If meetings are cancelled, for whatever reason, then members will be notified by email.

If self isolating, where better than the workshop?

Peter Harper

Chairman, HWT

March 2020