Laurent Niclot

Hi All, 

Laurent is unable to make the Q&A on the 15th , and so we’ve re-scheduled for the 22nd April. On the positive side, this gives everyone an extra week to generate some smoke !

The week following (April 29th) we are scheduled to have a Club Night. 

The way we were planning, there would be two sessions. The first, following on from the last club night would be a sharing on multi-axis turning and how members have been getting on with it, useful resources they’ve found, tips and hints they’ve picked up. If anyone would like to share pictures etc, I’ll be happy to share on the night, or before the event. 

The second part we’d again like to ask club members to think about doing a “workshop visit” where they share a few interesting facts about their setup, something they think might be of interest to others, or something they would like to do, and would appreciate the thoughts of other members. You will recall there were lots of discussions on workshop lighting before Xmas, now perhaps we could do a bit of sharing on other workshop features, jigs, setup etc (eg smoke extraction techniques … 😊) If anyone would like to offer, I’m happy to assist in setting it up and doing a practice run.


Peter Dixon