Safeguarding Policy

We recognise that the welfare of children and vulnerable persons is of the utmost importance and that we have a duty of care when they are attending a club event. Herefordshire Woodturners will do everything it can to provide a safe and caring environment and will:

  • Treat all children and vulnerable persons with respect and celebrate their achievements
  • Respond promptly to any concerns or allegations.
  • Ensure that no one engages in training a child or vulnerable person unless a responsible adult is present
  • Adopt the AWGB’s ‘Members Guidelines’

If any club member has concerns about the welfare of any child or vulnerable person they are expected to share them with the designated protection officer who is responsible for:

  • Monitoring and recording concerns
  • Ensuring any necessary actions are taken
  • Making referrals to social services where appropriate
  • Liaison with other agencies

Herefordshire Woodturners Protection Officer is Adrian Vaughan.

This Policy is part of our long-term objective to ensure that everyone can participate in Woodturning and will be brought to the attention of all those attending an event.

Brian Ford


December 2023


If you would like a copy of this policy in PDF format please email us via the Contact Us page.


Adrian Vaughan – Profile

I have lived in Hereford all my life and am a hobby woodworker who can be found often in my converted stables making woodwork noises and occasionally producing an item for a family or friend. I am completely new to turning and still trying to grasp the turning basics but love trying to make anything with wood. 

I am a social worker by profession and have been most of my adult life. I am currently a Service Manager for a fostering agency so am never far away from safeguarding issues and am passionate about protecting vulnerable people and helping train organisations keep themselves and their members safe.