1. Title
The club shall be known as “Herefordshire Woodturners” (the club) and shall be affiliated to the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain (AWGB).
2. Objectives
The aims of the club are to promote the art and craft of woodturning and related crafts by
-regular meetings at a time and place to be decided by the committee in consultation and agreement with members,
-organising presentations, demonstrations and other activities relating to woodturning, including health and safety,
-providing opportunities for coaching members,
-providing a forum for discussion,
-competitions that encourage all members of the club to appreciate, aim for and produce high quality turning.
3. Membership
Membership of the club is open to anyone interested or actively engaged in woodturning.
Visitors are welcome to attend club meetings at a charge of £3 per meeting or at a fee agreed by a resolution at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). After 3 meetings a visitor is expected to join the club.
All members shall be entitled
-to take part in any competitions organised by the club,
-to vote on any resolution proposed at any AGM or Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of the club,
-to stand for election to the Committee of the club.
Acceptance of application is solely at the discretion of the committee.
Membership fees, payable in advance, are due on January 1st and payable by January 31st each year. The failure of any member to pay their subscription by the 31st January means their membership shall be deemed to have ceased, except at the discretion of the committee in special circumstances.
Club membership fees will be reviewed annually by the treasurer who will advise the committee if changes are necessary. The annual fees will be discussed and decided at the AGM.
4. Committee
The Herefordshire Woodturners will be organised and coordinated by a Committee of elected officers and ordinary members.
The officers of the club are
-Membership Secretary
Three other elected ordinary committee members will also sit on the Committee.
The officers of the club and other elected committee members will be elected by the membership at the AGM and shall hold office for one year.
Other committee posts with specific responsibilities can be appointed from time to time as necessary.
The maximum term of office for club members is 4 years. On stepping down from office the member is not eligible for re-election as an officer on the committee for a period of 12 months but can be an elected ordinary member of the committee.
5. Meetings of the Committee
The committee will meet regularly and a minimum of three times per year.
A quorum will be three officers of the club and at least one other elected member of the committee.
The agenda, previous minutes and papers will be sent to all committee members at least 7 days prior to the meeting by the secretary.
The secretary will keep written minutes of the meetings.
All decisions will be made by majority voting of those present. In the event of a tied vote the Chairman will have a casting vote.
Urgent meetings can be initiated by any committee member or a written request from any three club members to the Secretary.
6. Elections
Election of officers and ordinary committee members shall be by majority vote of members present at the AGM or EGM.
Any member wishing to stand for election to the committee must be nominated and seconded by two members of the club.
7. Officer Duties
Their roles and functions are:
The Chairperson is responsible to the membership for the overall running of the club. The chairperson shall chair the committee, club, Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings.
The Secretary is responsible for the day to day administration of the club, organising events, drafting and circulating agenda and minutes and convening meetings of the committee and members.
The Treasurer is responsible for
-making and receiving all payments and financial transactions of the club.
-the management of the bank account.
-presenting the accounts for the year to the Annual General Meeting.
The Membership Secretary is responsible for
-maintaining records of members.
-collecting annual subscriptions and for passing these on to the Treasurer.
-liaising with the AWGB on membership issues and other issues relating to the membership.
8. Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting will be held at the November meeting of the club.
Officers of the club will present annual reports and the Treasurer will present the club accounts.
Voting on proposals at the AGM will be by majority voting of those members present. Proxy votes will be accepted but must be registered with the Secretary at least 14 days prior to the meeting.
Election of Committee officers and members will occur at the AGM unless vacancies occur during the year and necessitate immediate interim appointment.
Motions for debate at the AGM must be submitted to the Secretary not later that the ordinary meeting of the club preceding the AGM.
An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) can be called at any time by the committee and must be held if the Secretary receives a written request from four or more members. Al members must be notified of the EGM by the Secretary at least 14 days prior to the meeting.
9. Finance
The club shall have a bank account in a recognised clearing bank or a Building Society into which all monies received by the club will be paid.
All cheques drawn from the account must be signed by any two club officers.
The financial year shall run from December 1st until 30th November of the following calendar year.
The Treasurer will produce the accounts for the current year at the AGM.
10. Equipment
All the property of the club shall be vested in the Committee who shall have sole and full powers of control and disposal.
The committee shall keep an account and be responsible for all items of equipment, their whereabouts and state.
Any broken or damaged club (or loaned) equipment must be reported immediately to a Committee member. The member responsible may, at the committee’s discretion, be required to pay for the damage.
11. Policies
All members will receive a copy of the club’s Health and Safety Policy and associated Risk Assessment. No member or visitor shall work at the club unless both the equipment he/she is using and their behaviour complies with the club’s Health and Safety Policy.
The club will also make available to all members copies of the Privacy Policy, to ensure compliance with GDPR regulations, as well as the Safeguarding Policy which seeks to protect our younger members and vulnerable adults.
All Policies will be made available on the Herefordshire Woodturners website.
12. Club Rules
The committee may from time to time make and notify to members such rules as are in the Committee’s discretion necessary for the smooth running of the club.
The constitution and the club rules should be attached to the club notice board and be on view at each and every meeting.
13. Complaints
Any member of the club wishing to make a complaint about the operation of the club may do so by
-raising the issue for discussion at the AGM, by notifying the Secretary in writing no later than the ordinary meeting preceding the AGM.
-sending a written complaint to the secretary which will be dealt with by the Committee within one calendar month.
The committee has the right to interpret this Constitution and to settle any question not provided for.
14. Dissolution
If for any reason it is deemed necessary that the club be dissolved, all debts and liabilities shall be settled from the remaining funds of the club and sale of assets. Any remaining funds or assets shall be then be transferred to another organisation with similar aims and objectives or the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain (Charity Number 1150255). This is to be determined by the members of the club at the time of dissolution.
15. Changes to the Constitution
Any alteration, amendment or addition to the constitution shall require the approval of two thirds of those present and eligible to vote at an AGM or EGM called for that purpose.

Nov 2019