Health & Safety Policy

1. It is the intention of Herefordshire Woodturners to ensure, so far as reasonably practicable, the health and safety of its members and all others who may be affected by its activities

2. The Club aims to create an environment in which everyone can be involved in woodturning without adversely affecting their health or safety. The Club will achieve this by identifying the hazards and risks involved in its activities, by taking the necessary steps to manage these risks and by adopting good practice.

3. The implementation of this policy relies upon the competence, cooperation and commitment of club members. The Club will therefore:

  • Actively involve club members and visitors in developing and sustaining a positive approach to health and safety
  • Develop the necessary competencies through the provision of information, training, instruction and supervision.
  • Promote an environment where all club members look out for their own and their colleague’s safety and also stop and seek guidance if they are involved in an activity that they believe to be unsafe.

4. Woodturning is an inherently hazardous undertaking but this policy is not intended to reduce the enjoyment of members.
5. The club chairman has overall responsibility for this policy including the provision of adequate resources for its implementation and review.
6. The Policy will be brought to the attention of all club members and visitors and it will be reviewed at least annually.
7. Members are encouraged to use the guidance in this policy and associated risk assessment in their own woodturning activities.

Brian Ford


December 2023


If you would like a copy of this policy in PDF format please email us via the Contact Us page.