Club Night – May 2024

Our May demonstrator was Paul Bellamy who made us a Lighthouse bedside lamp.

Paul normally makes this item out of oak but for demonstration purposes he used a softwood. The lighthouse consisted of a base, a main body, a top, a light bulb with fitting, a plastic tube, a length of cable with an electric plug and a cover under the base to cover the cable.


The main body was turned between centres with a four pronged drive held in the chuck jaws. A spigot for the chuck jaws was turned at each end.  It was then held in the chuck jaws and a 3/8 spindle gouge was used to push a 3/8 hole over half way. The body was then reversed and a forstner bit was used for a 28mm diameter by 65mm deep hole for the light fitting. The 3/8 spindle gouge was then used to complete the hole through the body. the body was then shaped and a 46mm diameter x 3mm wide grove was put in the end to accommodate the tube light cover.


The base was turned by using a screw chuck with the screw held in the chuck jaws with a hole made to fit the base of the body. A 3/8 hole was then drilled in the side to accommodate the cable. An alternative base with the lighthouse off centre was shown, the base can then be sculptured using an angle grinder or carving tool.


The top was made by turning a square of wood to round with a chucking spigot and a grove 46mm diameter by 3mm wide was cut to accommodate the light tube. This was then held on the spigot and shaped into a dome top to finish.

The light was assembled and a cover made to fit under the base to cover the cable.

Paul advised the item was PAT tested before selling.




The entries for the novice competition this month was disappointing, with only two entries. The two entries however were of such a standard that voters were divided on which was best and both received the same number of votes, giving us a joint first place.

Novice Turner Results;

Joint First Place; Tony Hodson

.                               Tom Tandler


Experienced Turners.

There was a good selection of items to choose from in the experienced turners competition, and again voters were divided giving us a joint first place and a joint third place;

Experienced Turners Result;

Joint First Place; Brian Ford

.                               Jon Tetley

Joint Third Place; Peter Dennis

.                                Ellis Saveker


Thank you to all those who entered the competitions.

June will be our hands on night so there will not be a competition but we will have a display table.

Looking forward to seeing you all then.